A Recent Underwater Find Could Change the History of the World

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A multidisciplinary team of experts is now the protagonist of one of the biggest discoveries of recent times.

In an area of the Aegean Sea hit by sudden storms and winds coming down from the mountains, a multidisciplinary team of underwater researchers has found at least 58 shipwrecks together, which could be one of the most important archaeological discoveries of recent times.

Peter Campbell, of the Nautical Foundation RPM and co-director of the Fournoi project (name of the archipelago where the discovery was made), considers that his discovery is of such importance that “he can change the history books”.

The wrecked ships are from a period that goes from ancient Greece, through imperial Rome and until the twentieth century, and contain mostly amphoras that were the most used containers for the transport of liquids and semi-liquids.

The team of researchers, made up of archaeologists, architects, restorers and divers, considers that this is the finding of the highest concentration of ships in the Aegean and possibly in the entire Mediterranean.

The most probable cause of the shipwrecks, according to the experts, would be sudden storms that surprised them bordering the rocky cliffs. The routes of these ships covered the Aegean, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and reached as far as Egypt and North Africa.

The Nautical Foundation RPM collaborates with the Eborato of Underwater Antiquities of Greece, which is responsible for the investigation started in 2015, whose first finding was a group of 22 ships that, with the most recent, brings the total to 58, but considers that there is more still on the seabed. “Now we have a new story to tell,” Campbell said in an interview with Reuters.

A Recent Underwater Find Could Change the History of the World

Among the goods transported by these ships have been oils, wine, “perhaps” honey and fish sauce that was an expensive product in ancient times, explained George Koutsouflakis, archaeologist and project director.

Fournoi was a place frequented by pirates, due to the intense flow of vessels loaded with goods in the area. The archipelago is composed of 20 islands, islets and reefs, is located between the islands of Ikaria, Patmos and Samos, and whose population does not exceed 1,500 inhabitants.



Source: Periodico Cubano