A Rare ‘Mutant’ Mermaid Captured in Indonesia?

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Supposedly, a strange ‘mutant’ mermaid was captured in Indonesia by a group of fishermen, which caused great fear in thousands of netizens.

A few days ago, YouTube uploaded a video that showed a strange creature that had half the body in the shape of a fish and the other half was similar to a human being, something that caught the attention of thousands of people, who baptized him as a ‘ siren ‘. It is real?

According to the description of the video, this creature was captured by a group of fishermen in Indonesia, who were terrified after catching it; however, that is not the true story of this ‘ sea monster ‘.

Just revealed the mystery behind this strange creature, half fish, half human, a truth that has left thousands of netizens open-mouthed.

This strange creature was not caught in Indonesia and it is not a mutation produced by radioactive waste, but it is a sculpture work done by a talented Thai artist.

A Rare 'Mutant' Mermaid Captured in Indonesia

Investigating the origin of the video, it was discovered that it was presented during an exhibition held at a University of Arts in Thailand, which aimed to make people aware of nature.

Although at first sight the creature looks real and taken from a horror movie, the truth is that it is created with silicone.



Source: TN8.TV