A Paraguayan Cruiser Started Sinking, but this Quick Reaction Saved It

The Crucero Paraguay, one of the symbols of the Bay of Asunción, suffered a sinking in the afternoon yesterday. The rapid reaction of the owners meant that the problem was not greater and it is estimated that in 10 days the problem will be solved.

Neighbours in the area reported that part of the cruise sank yesterday. They expressed to 1020 AM that the fact was alerted by the guard who tried to remove the water from the boat with a motor pump.

After the first work, they realized that the hull had three holes where the water entered. The images that began to circulate through social networks generated fear but this Wednesday the owners clarified that the situation is already under control.

The owner of the Mar del Plata shipyard and in charge of the cruise Julio Vázquez told 970 AM that there are points that need to be repaired. He said that the water entered quickly, flooded the engine room but that the structure “no longer sank more than that.”

The Paraguayan Cruiser started drowning, but this quick reaction saved it

He said that there were no people at risk and that the furniture is currently being removed from the ship so that work can be carried out normally. So far the damages are not quantified and it is estimated that the tasks will last about 10 days.


Source: Hoy