A Norwegian Frigate Sinks After Returning from NATO Military Exercises

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The authorities had been trying to save the ship for a week, which hit an oil tanker north of Bergen.

Touched and sunk. The biggest NATO exercises since the Cold War, which took place in Norway earlier this month, have been a victim. The frigate of the Scandinavian country returned from the north of the Scandinavian country – where the military exercises took place –  when it unexpectedly hit a tanker that caused a huge hole in one of its sides. The attempts to save the immense warship to prevent it from ending at the bottom of the sea lasted eight days. According to the images of the Coastal Administration, the ship is already submerged under the waters of the North Sea almost in its entirety.

The accident occurred on November 8 at dawn (at four in the morning, local time), a day after NATO put the finishing touch to the Trident Juncture 2018, which took place in the northern half of the Scandinavian country. The  KNM Helge Ingstad, 5,000 tons,  crashed in the middle of the fjord against a tanker flying the Maltese flag leaving the plant Sture, in the town of  Øygarden, north of Bergen, the country ‘s second largest city after the capital, Oslo. “Due to the damage, the frigate was transferred to a safe place and the crew was evacuated in a professional manner,” the Ministry of Defense explained in a statement. On board, the frigate was a crew of 137 people who were evacuated in an emergency. Eight members of the Navy were slightly injured.

Slight leak

The Norwegian Army was working several days to try to recover the ship by tying it with several cables to the coast, explains Reuters. But some of these had been broken, according to the local press. Several specialized media speculated on an “incorrect course” of the tanker. The British chain BBC reported at first that, although the tanker was loaded with oil, there were no signs of flight. But the Norwegian Coast Guard detected fuel leaks around the ship, although not very relevant. A containment dam was placed around the vessel, according to a maritime news portal. The Coastal Administration also coordinated the cleanup of the oil spilled in the area after the impact.

A Norwegian Frigate Sinks After Returning from NATO Military Exercises

According to The Washington Post, citing Associated Press sources, the frigate was built in Spain in 2009 – specifically by Navantia, in Ferrol (Galicia), according to La Voz de Galicia – and was part of a NATO fleet in the Atlantic. The ship was one of the five largest of the Norwegian Navy and the second newest.


Source: El Pais