A New Underwater World is Discovered

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The depths of the sea have always been a mystery for scientists who dedicate their lives to study aspects that give new knowledge about the unknown worlds on Planet Earth.

Scient Alert, a science research organization, unveiled an important discovery in the sea of Australia through a scientific ship that managed to capture images of an unknown underwater world.

“When Australia, Antarctica and Tasmania separated, a large access point entered below the earth’s crust, formed these volcanoes and then helped break up the earth’s crust so that all those areas could begin to separate,” he said. report.

The volcanoes surpass 3,000 meters of height and with a surface formed after this rupture – the one of Australia and Tasmania- manage to be evident in the bottom of the sea.

Video of the new underwater world…

The separation of these continents happened approximately 30,000 million years ago. The experts do not assure an exact time, but they attribute this phenomenon to this event that left changes in the Australian sea.

Now it is expected that scientists can carry out future submarine expeditions to know other novelties of this new finding that gives a different view of the ocean.

“They change the way water flows around them. They change the dynamics of the system “, was one of the descriptions of the investigation.



Source: Kienyke News