A Mysterious Giant Shark Surprises Scientists

A team of researchers has used a new monitoring technology to learn more about the peregrine sharks, the second largest fish in the world and that remains a mystery to science.

These sharks grow more than 10 meters and are at risk of extinction. During the 20th century, they were massively caught because of their huge fin, which is very popular in shark fin soup in China, as well as for its liver and meat. This species of shark has had problems to survive due to its slow reproduction rates.

Pilgrim sharks have captured the imagination of sailors for centuries as it is not easy to confuse them with sea monsters because of their shape and size.

“It’s a shark that is still very mysterious,” said Alexandra Rohr, of the APECS shark and other marine research groups, based in the Breton city of Brest (northern France).

They do not know with certainty neither their populations, nor their age of sexual maturity, nor where and when they reproduce, added Rohr.

They are seen more frequently during the summer months, while in winter it is almost impossible to spot them. This phenomenon makes researchers think that they probably migrate to warmer waters or submerge in the depths of the ocean.

Using a new tracking technology, APECS researchers have discovered that these sharks have a much higher migratory range than previously thought. To reach this conclusion, satellites, divers and sailors have been employed.

A Mysterious Giant Shark Surprises Scientists

It should be noted that, like the largest fish in the world, the whale shark, the peregrine shark poses no threat to humans.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News