A Mysterious Creature ‘Arrived’ On The Coasts of Australia (photo)

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A netizen has provoked heated debates on the web by publishing a photo of a mysterious creature that was found on a beach in Australia.

The user Horrorwolfe wrote in Reddit that this marine specimen with black and white tentacles was found by his mother and girlfriend on the beach in the tourist town of Broome, in Western Australia.

Initially Horrorwolfe tried to find out with Google’s help what marine species it was. But not getting results, decided to appeal to Internet users.

Some users suggested that it could be a sea slug, a jellyfish or an anemone.

It looks like a sea anemone dying or dead, it is possible that it has obtained its black and white color thanks to an illness or after its death, for the rest, its patterns are an exact match,” said infl3x.

A Mysterious Creature 'Arrived' On The Coasts of Australia (photo)

Another user warned Horrorwolfe not to touch the creature.

“I would not touch it! It is more likely that an anemone or other sea inhabitants can cause serious pain or numbness due to the poison they contain.I worked with aquariums for a long time and accidentally touching some species made me numb the hand.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News