A Military Bus Crashes into the Sea in Colombia, One Dead and 4 Injured

One person was killed, while four seriously injured were transferred to Puerto Montt.

A military bus of work, with 30 passengers, rushed from a height of 15 meters to the sea at kilometre 65.2 of the V-69 route that joins the towns of Río Puelo with Cochamó, in the Los Lagos region.

According to the Radio Estuario de Cochamó communicator, Cristián Bustamante, all the people were rescued, one of whom was deceased and 4 with serious injuries, being transferred to Puerto Montt.

Military bus rushes to the sea en route to Cochamó in the Los Lagos region

“All the people were rescued, four people were seriously injured and were taken to the Regional Hospital of Puerto Montt, there are also 6 people with less serious injuries who are also being transferred to Puerto Montt.


Source: Ahora Noticias