A Majestic Bald Eagle, Who Was Fishing in Epic Slow Motion, Became a Viral Video

Tom Schiesser was on a fishing trip to Thorne Bay in Alaska, USA, when he tried to release a minor flounder he caught.

Before he could grab his line, the predator with sharp eyes came out from under the shore.

Having plunged from the cloudy sky, the eagle puts its prey on the fish in claws, before using its powerful wings to escape and enjoy the food.

Despite the fact that it was filmed on June 26, 2017, the video just now became a virus with more than 13 million views on Facebook.

Tom said: “I was thrilled to capture something special.

“Every time we hooked the fish, the eagle began to turn the boat.

“We were sure that he would return at some point.

“With this border, we tried to release it, but before we could, the eagle caught it in its claws.”


Source: StoryTrender