A Huge Port Crane Hits and Punches the Hull of an Oil Tanker: VIDEO

The force of the blow is such that it produces a large gap and a consequent spillage of ballast water.

A video shot with a phone by a witness and recently posted on YouTube recorded the moment when a huge floating crane hit and punched the hull of an oil tanker. The accident occurred Friday at the port of Khor Al Zubair, in Basra (Iraq), reports the Splash 247 portal.

The images show how a platform equipped with cranes is directed towards the tanker and finally hits the side of the ship with one of its corners. Immediately there is a considerable breach and the ballast water contained inside the huge vessel begins to escape towards the sea.

Apparently, the accident occurred between winds of almost 170 kilometres per hour, which made it difficult to maneuver the crane, details the Port Technology site. Despite the damage, the tanker could finish unloading its cargo and leave the port on its own.


Source: Canal 13 San Juan