A Frigate Based on Rota ‘hunts’ Submarines in the Mediterranean

Ten allied countries, six submarines, nine surface ships, ten maritime patrol aircraft, as many helicopters and 5,000 military personnel, are the figures of Dynamic Manta, the most important antisubmarine exercise of the year since March 2 until the end of March. next Friday the 16th NATO (Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty) in the waters of the central Mediterranean.

Spain is one of the nation’s participating in these training maneuvers, along with Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey and the United States. And it does it with a submarine, the ‘Mistral’ and the frigates ‘Cristóbal Colón’ and ‘Victoria’, the latter, based on Rota.

The frigate ‘Victoria’ (F-82 numeral side) left on February 25 of the Naval Base Rota to integrate for three months in the Naval Permanent Grouping of NATO No. 2 (SNMG-2 in its acronym in English), whose main mission is to cover the collective defense needs of the Atlantic Alliance in the face of any threat, as well as to improve interoperability and cooperation among friendly countries.

Anti-submarine war

And within this deployment in the SNMG-2 is part of its participation in ‘Dynamic Manta’, which began for the ‘Victoria’ on March 3, when it arrived at the Italian port of Catania to meet with the other participating vessels, after a week of transit from Rota collaborating with the operations’ Sea Guardian ‘of NATO, of fight against terrorism and’ Sophia ‘, of the European Union’, which combats the illegal trafficking of human beings off the coast of Libya.

The Alliance defines the ‘Dynamic Manta’ exercise as an ‘excellent opportunity for its forces to practice in a joint environment and, simultaneously, to provide NATO with the ability to assess and further develop anti-submarine tactics’. In these maneuvers, of which the allied countries face the final phase this week, the nations contribute their material and personnel to be trained in both anti-submarine warfare (anti-submarine warfare or, in its acronym, ASW), and in the case of submarines, in anti-surface warfare (anti-surface warfare or ASUW).

This final phase, says the Defense Staff (EMAD), is tackled by the Spanish submarine and frigates “with the highest level of integration and coordination”. In the case of the Cadiz-based frigate, he has carried out exercises, for example, of supplying fuel at sea with the USSN Patuxent, or coordinating with his British and Belgian colleagues.

Four months of deployment

Commanded by the frigate captain Juan L. Benavides Sierra, the ‘Victoria’ counts for its mission in the Permanent Naval Grouping of NATO No. 2, in which it will remain deployed until the beginning of June, with a crew of 216 men and women, as well as a helicopter of the 10th Aircraft Squadron and an Operation Security Team (EOS) of the Northern Third Marine Infantry.

the most important antisubmarine exercise of the year

This frigate is the second of the six that make up the F-80 series. Built in the shipyard of the National Company Bazán de Ferrol (today Navantia), it was delivered to the Navy in October 1987. It has a length of 138 meters and more than 4,000 tons of displacement. It is equipped with sensors and weapons that allow it to develop its main tasks as an escort vessel.


Source: La Voz de Cadiz