A Dolphin Killed in the United States Reward Offered to Find the Aggressor

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The case occurred in California. The animal was attacked with a small calibre weapon.

The US Marine Marine Rescue Association reported that they found a dead dolphin in the waters of Manhattan Beach, in southern California, but not for a natural reason: they had shot him. Now, they offer a reward to find the aggressor.

According to the founder and president of the organization, Peter Wallerstein, they learned that there was an animal injured at sea thanks to a telephone call. It was floating a few meters from the coast.

But when Wallerstein managed to get him out of the water, with the help of the lifeguards, the dolphin had already died. At that moment, he began to suspect that it had been a murder.

And when he finally took him to the Marine Mammal Center, the necropsy confirmed that he had been shot dead. According to the study, an X-ray indicated that the animal received a low-calibre bullet impact.

Dismayed by the situation, from the organization made a hard disclaimer on social networks. “There are no excuses for such brutality against these beautiful animals,” they wrote. But that was not all. In the publication, they announced that they will offer a reward of five thousand dollars to anyone who provides information to identify the person responsible.

A Dolphin Killed in the United States Reward Offered to Find the Aggressor

Some users commented on the post with different hypotheses. The version that most resonated was that of David Darcy, who explained that surely someone shot the dolphin from a boat and that the tide dragged the body to the shore.

So far, the identity of the aggressor is still unknown, as well as where and when the murder took place. Wallerstein was concerned and assured NBC that he fears it may just be the beginning of something worse. ”



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