A Chilean Version Like the Submarine of Pablo Escobar: 600 Kilos of Drugs Entered But Ship Almost Sinks

The band, led by a Colombian, contacted a Chilean artisanal fisherman to ask for fuel and supplies. PDI and the Navy detained them.

Pablo Escobar Gaviria, the most famous Colombian drug trafficker, was full of eccentricities: he made a bonfire with dollars, he had two pet hippopotamuses and a submarine to transport illicit substances. This last method, intern drug via sea, was what he wanted to copy a band in Chile, but it was not: the ship they had almost sank.

That was at least what they reported in a joint conference between the PDI and the Navy, both organizations that had been working for at least a month in the “Operation Atlantis”, which allowed to find the antisocial.

Albacorero Boat

It all started when the band, led by the Colombian Gustavo Muñoz Gasca, wanted to enter the country with an albacorero ship from Peru that came loaded with 524 packages of marijuana creepy. As the boat had poor mechanical conditions, Muñoz contacted a Chilean artisanal fisherman from San Antonio to bring him fuel, food and other items that would allow him to maintain the operation.

Through interception of calls, the PDI detected a strange communication and decided to follow the same coordinates that had reached the artisanal fisherman and that pointed to the Coquimbo coasts.

“We were able to intercept 180 kilometres away, under unfavourable sea conditions, it is a precarious craft, with little fuel and it was also sinking,” said the general director of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine (S), Otto. Mrugalski Meiser.

In that sense, he valued the operation. “Finding a boat in the vastness of the ocean is super difficult,” Mrugalski said.

Drug would be sold in Santiago

From the PDI, the commissioner Marcelo Atala added that “they did not give any explanation of the situation in which they were” and that after a specialized search, they ended up finding a double bottom area of the boat where the creepy marijuana was hidden.

After the incident, the Chilean Salvador Machuca Valdés, the Peruvian Helar Eduardo Li Hernández and the Ecuadorians Luis Fernando Franco Instriago and Marco José Piza Laje were arrested.

A Chilean Version Like the Submarine of Pablo Escobar

They also stated that the drug was going to be sold in Santiago and that the 3 thousand doses had an initial value of $ 3 billion, although the final value “could double”, according to Atala.

After the fact, the band was put at the disposal of the Justice and all were formalized by drug trafficking.



Source: Publimetro