A Boat Piloted by a Narco Kills a Child in Algeciras When Hitting the Boat in Which He Was On With His Father

The ‘narco-pilot’ of the launch attacked the boat in which the small Manuel and his father were going.

Police sources say that it was an accident due to the reckless maneuvers of the driver of the ‘rubber’, similar to those used for drug trafficking. Although it was speculated on with the idea of settling accounts because the family of the child’s parent is linked to the organization of the ‘Messi of hashish’, the police discard it.

Manuel, nine years old, spent the afternoon sailing with his father in a white fibre boat of five meters in length on the beach of Getares (Algeciras, Cádiz). Shortly after 5 pm, a semi-rigid boat piloted by a man with a drug trafficking background crashed into her. The minor died in the act because of the strong impact received. The parent, whose family is linked to the illicit drug market, escaped unharmed.

With the death of the child, the Campo de Gibraltar returned to live on Monday a new episode in the escalation of violence starring, in one way or another, by those who have links to the traffic of hashish in the Strait. Yesterday’s death came only 48 hours after nine civil guards were attacked by a mob of 40 people in the same city.

The father of the dead child also has a police record -although not for drug trafficking- and several members of his family are linked to the organization of Abdellah El Haj, nicknamed Messi, a Moroccan who has lived in Algeciras since he was a teenager and has not long since become a king. hashish in the area. The Government, in its eagerness to remove gravity from the situation that is lived in the region of Campo de Gibraltar, strived to deny that the semirigid was a ‘narcolancha’.

The pilot of the rubber, about six meters in length and similar to those used by narcos to transport hashish, was performing dangerous maneuvers in a beach area forbidden to navigation because of its proximity to the shore. I was accompanied by another man.

Each year, with the arrival of good weather, these types of scenes are common on the beaches of the Campo de Gibraltar, which take place before the astonished gaze of bathers. Although performed as mere fun, yesterday had a fatal outcome.

Police sources explained to EL ESPAÑOL that it was an “accident” because the boat, which did not carry hashish, was performing dangerous maneuvers in a marked bathing area and where it is forbidden to sail because it is the first 200 meters of the coast. On board were two men who were arrested after the accident. The Civil Guard moved the pilot by sea to the port of Algeciras, where he was taken over by the National Police.

The delegate of the Government in Andalusia, Antonio Sanz, explained that the events took place in a marked area “where no vessel should be” since the Law of Coasts prevents navigation in the first 200 meters of the sea.

The Minister of the Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, called for the Local Security Board to be convened in Algeciras (Cádiz) to deal with the escalation of tension that exists in different coastal areas of the province of Cádiz in the face of the violence of the different drug trafficking groups in the zone. Interior prepares a decree to prohibit the navigation of the boats with the characteristics of the one used by the two detainees who were aboard the RIB.

The mayor of Algeciras, José Ignacio Landaluce, showed himself at the disposal of the family of the deceased child and expressed his confidence “in the rapid action of the National Police for the resolution of an incident where those involved did not respect the safety beacon existing in the place “.

Boat driven by Narco Kills young Boy

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, was “shocked” and “outraged”. The socialist leader said that “we must put, once and for all, the necessary means to end illegal activities in the Strait, which sow fear and pain among the good people of the Shire”.


Source: El Espanol