A Boat of Sea Hunters Collided With An Ice Floe. Two People Died

Two sea hunters, who went fishing in bad weather, have drowned in Chukotka, the press service of the district head of the Emergencies Ministry said on Monday.

It is noted that hunters from the community of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North “Chaplino” went to the place of traditional fishing of the sea beast in the area of the Rothvan base, located 20 kilometres from the village Novoe Chaplino on Cape Skobelev. At this time there was a strong fog.

At the appointed time, the sea hunters did not return to the base. During the searches, the bodies of the hunter and the boat were found.

A boat of sea hunters collided with an ice floe in Chukotka, two people died

According to preliminary data, due to poor visibility, the boat collided with ice, as a result, people fell overboard.


Source: Maritime News of Russia