A 6-Meter Whale beached on Bikini Beach on the Island of Mouro

The cetacean, a minke whale, had hooked hooks with fishing ropes and has been released on the island of Mouro

A minke whale six meters long roamed this afternoon at the beach of Bikini (Santander). The Red Cross received a wake-up call at four in the afternoon informing them of the presence of the whale and then mobilized with members of the Natural Environment, the Santander Fire Brigade and the Civil Guard of the Sea. Upon arrival, they found the animal on the sand, in the area of the Royal Embarcadero, with hooks nailed to the body attached to ropes of fishing nets. The rescue operation took place in the sandy area with hardly any spectators or onlookers, except for some passerby who was on the beach at that time.

Once the hooks were removed and helped by a zodiac, they emulated this specimen to deeper waters, explained Pedro Díez, coordinator of the Red Cross, who said that the animal “was active.”

The members of the Red Cross boat acted quickly, tying and securing the rorqual to the boat to prevent it from being released. With the cetacean as a tow, they went to the island of Mouro and, when they were in the open sea, freed her. The transfer of the cetacean was easier than expected due to the energy it showed, trying to move since it began to submerge in the water. “As soon as we released him, he started swimming, which facilitated the work,” said Díez. Once untied, the whale left the boat heading towards the open sea.

At no time was it considered to keep the animal under observation or to consult a biologist since the Red Cross staff considered that he had the strength to swim on his own. The operation was carried out quickly because one hour after the Red Cross began to take care of him, the whale was already at liberty. However, several Civil Guard vessels continued to watch until the last hour of the day to ensure that the cetacean did not return to the coast.

The director of the Maritime Museum, Gerardo García Castrillo, pointed out that this specimen of minke whale, six meters long, had the usual measurements of an adult; In addition, they are quite common animals in the Bay of Biscay and estimates that, in the last ten years, a couple of other animals have already been stranded on the beaches of Cantabria. The minke whale is the smallest cetacean in this family and usually weighs between 5 and 10 tons. It is a very common cetacean that can be found in waters of Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America.

A 6-Meter Whale beached on Bikini Beach on the Island of Mouro

This stranding situation is unusual in the Bikini beach and surroundings, where animals washed by the sea do not usually run aground. However, in other points of the Cantabrian coast do appear quite frequently. Since January, several seals and two Calderon sperm whales have been treated, a very frequent fauna in the Bay of Biscay. In the case of seals, if they do not show lesions, experts recommend leaving the animal until the tide rises again and returns to the sea by its own means.


Source: El Diario Montanes