A 28 Hour Operation With a Marathon Rescue, They Returned the Whale Stranded in Mar del Tuyú to the Sea

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More than 30 people participated in the salvage of the 7-tonne whale.  

It was 28 hours of an intense operation, which finally had the expected closure. The 7-tonne whale that had been stranded this Saturday in Mar del Tuyú could finally be returned to the sea.

In the operational marathon, rescuers of Mundo Marino, Prefectura Naval, Municipality of the Partido de la Costa, Civil Defense, Lifeguards and volunteers participated.

“It took 28 hours of hard work in teams of more than 30 committed and passionate people pursuing a single goal: saving the life of a giant,” said Mundo Marino on Sunday, through a statement.

It all started with a call from a neighbour from Mar del Tuyú on Saturday morning, which alerted the professionals of the Mundo Marino Foundation.

“When we arrived on Saturday at 9.30 in the morning the whale was stranded on the shore. We made attempts to refloat it by pushing it into the water, but we did not succeed. Then, the Municipality brought a backhoe to lift the animal with a stretcher and move it. With a lot of effort we managed to keep looking towards the sea and with enough water so that it could float, but although the whale floated, it did not react when it had the opportunity to swim since he did not move his pectoral fins or tail. The same swell brought her back to shore. I did not have the strength to push myself and get out, “explained Karina Álvarez, biologist and Head of Conservation at the Mundo Marino Foundation, one of the professionals who were present throughout the operation.

At nightfall and given that security protocols establish that rescuers should not remain at sea if there is no visibility, what was done was to mount a guard that stayed on the shore next to the whale.

“Although we were confident that the high tide of the night might push the whale out to sea, to resume the operation on Sunday morning we find the animal stranded on the shore fully supported on the sandy substrate. Given the presence of the sun, we kept it moist and covered to avoid hyperthermia (increased body temperature), “added Alvarez.

A 28 Hour Operation With a Marathon Rescue, They Returned the Whale Stranded in Mar del Tuyú to the Sea

Finally, and although the outlook was not encouraging, they appealed to one last strategy: they managed to locate the straps under the heavy animal so that the backhoe could move it to a place in the sea with greater depth, explained from Mundo Marino.

Although this helped, another resource was needed to try to get the animal to pass the surf. It was for this reason that a boat was added that managed to move the cetacean inland, where the animal recovered its strength and managed to swim by its own means in the face of the rescuers’ emotion.



Source: Clarin Society