A 27-Year-Old Woman Dies During a Maritime Rescue Off the Coast of l’Ametlla de Mar

A 27 year old woman has died on this Thursday at dawn during a maritime rescue before the coast of l’Ametlla de Mar (Baix Ebre). Towards half-past ten on the night of this Wednesday, Maritime Rescue received the notice that there was a drifting motorboat, with four occupants on board, after suffering a breakdown before the port of Calafat. The rescue boat Salvamar Polaris left from the port of Tarragona to locate and help them.

The Helimer 220 helicopter was later added to the device, which eventually located the damaged ship -6.8 meters in length and named “Ursus” -about six miles off the coast. The accident occurred when Salvamar Polaris was towing the damaged boat with the four crew members on board.

According to Maritime Rescue, the conditions of bad weather and gusts of wind of up to 50 knots, caused that it began to enter the water in the interior and that it ended up overturning. The same Salvamar Polaris troops were able to rescue three people but found that the fourth crew member, a woman, had disappeared.

After activating another boat-Salvamar Formalhaut-and submariners of the firefighters of the Generalitat it was possible to recover the body of the girl, who was transferred by the helicopter to the airport of Reus. Despite the fact that during the trip he underwent cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers, which continued on the ground the medical staff ended up dying. For its part, the Salvamar Polaris moved the three rescued crew members, slightly wounded with symptoms of hypothermia, to the port of l’Ametlla de Mar, where they arrived ten minutes before five in the morning. There they were discharged after being treated by a medical ambulance of the SEM.

the ship Luz de Mar in salvage

According to Maritime Rescue, the vessel would have left the same port on Wednesday before suffering the damage offshore. From the first hour of this Thursday, the Salvamar Formalhaut is still looking for the damaged recreational motorboat, which was left empty. The adverse conditions of the sea, according to Maritime Rescue, hinder the investigation tasks even though it is not ruled out that the ship had ended up sinking.


Source: 20 Minutos