After 74 Years at the Bottom of the Sea, Rescue Pilot of World War II

74 years ago, when I participated in air operations during the Second World War, a US plane with a pilot on board was shot down and lost … until now.

In an operation that took months, the plane and its crew member, who remained these seven decades at the bottom of the sea, were recovered, but the Navy will not disclose more details until they verify the identity and inform their relatives.

The plane was found near the island of Ngerekebesang, in the Republic of Palau.

The ship was covered by sand and the rescue took two months, with 6 divers working 12 hours every day of the week, to recover the damaged plane and the remains of the pilot.

The rescue ended on February 26, but only now was the achievement reported.

The staff excavated the area with archaeological tools and inspected the bottom in detail. All the pieces were raised to the surface in large cages, using specialized cranes.

Staff trained in archeology swept the bottom in search of different objects.

“It’s a meticulous process,” according to Jean Marien, civilian sailor, head of the USNS Salvor. “There was a lot of sand, which never stops.”

The rescue task is part of the mission to recover personnel lost in World War II, according to a statement issued by the Seventh Fleet of the United States.

Rescue Pilot of World War II at the Bottom of the Sea,

No details were given of the battle in which the unfortunate pilot was shot down.


Source: El Colombiano