44 Heroes of the Submarine ARA San Juan, the new name of the Quiroga expansion

The new main street of Ushuaia will take that name in honor of the disappeared in the Submarine. Some sectors wanted to call her “President Néstor Kirchner”.

The extension of Facundo Quiroga Street, which links the center of Ushuaia with the north, already has its name and will be called “44 Heroes of the Submarine ARA San Juan” in honor of the heroes disappeared in the submarine that had left from Ushuaia, after participating in naval exercises.

The initiative of the name was proposed by the councilman Gastón Ayala (MPF), and at the time of its voting it had the unanimous approval of the councilors.

The author of the proposal, remarked that “we understand that this name is a recognition that makes the community of Ushuaia to the 44 Heroes, who days before the disappearance was in our city where they arrived for the last time”.

In this sense, Ayala urged that “we hope that this type of recognition will strengthen the investigation so that we all know what happened to our heroes”.

Councilman Juan Carlos Pino (FPV-PJ) remarked “for me it is a great satisfaction that after two years this street has a name and what better in recognition than the 44 Heroes”.

The councilors Silvio Bocchicchio (ECoS) and Tomás Bertotto (PRO) expressed that “we want to insist on this issue because we need to know what happened, where they are and why the ARA San Juan disappeared with all its crew. Knowing history is the best tribute we can make. ”

In the last year, some Kirchner political sectors tried to name the extension as “President Néstor Kirchner”, and even in some official events and Google Maps named it that way, however the street did not have a name despite being inaugurated during the management of the former mayor Federico Sciurano.

44 Heroes of the Submarine ARA San Juan

In January, the Government inaugurated the LED lights for the whole extension, however, the street still does not have sidewalks nor bicycle paths, which complicates pedestrians or those who want to connect the center with the north of the city.


Source: http://ushuaia24.com.ar