20 Divers Resumed the Search and Rescue of Young Man Trapped in Barge ‘Orca 1’

A team of 20 divers and another crew of 16 began the search efforts of Juan José C., 25, who is trapped after the wreck of the barge, ‘Orca 1’, occurred on Sunday at the dock of Caraguay, south of Guayaquil. The event was recorded at the height of the Muelle del Mercado de Caraguay, located in the south of Guayaquil (Guayas). Authorities of the Ecuadorian Navy are on the site.

In this operation involved elements of the Secretariat of Risk Management (SGR), the Fire Department of Guayaquil (CBG), detailed the captain of General Staff and Frigate, Juan Líger. The rescue team concentrated early this Monday, February 19.

After receiving instructions and forming tracking teams, the actions began at 07:30. In the place deployed boats of the Captaincy and the Coastguard Command. Personnel of the National Direction of the Aquatic Spaces (Dirnea) reiterated that although in the afternoon work was suspended, during the night vigils were carried out in case of any news. When the ship was mouth-down spilled fuel that put at risk the waters of the Guayas River.

Therefore, technicians of the Superintendence of the Oil Terminal of El Salitral continued with the placement of hydrocarbon containment barriers to avoid contamination. The Ecuadorian Navy also reported that the Harbor Master’s Office and the Coast Guard continue with patrols in the area near the Orca I barge. Inocar placed signaling buoys to delimit the sector. The Dirnea recalled that the Harbor Master’s Office is in charge of gathering summary information with specialized experts, in order to determine the circumstances that caused the accident and make the pertinent recommendations to avoid similar events.

divers resumed the search and rescue of young man trapped in barge Orca 1
The boat was turned on the Guayas River at 10:00, at the height of the municipal dock of Caraguay. At the time of the incident, presumably tasks were performed to load stone material, specifically asphalt, which was to be taken to the Galapagos. Through a statement, the Galápagos Government Council explained that the ‘Orca 1’, a vessel that was turned on February 18, 2018, on the Guayas River, corresponds to the cargo system that supplies the Isabela and Floreana Islands. To avoid affecting the ship’s itinerary, another ship will replace its operation.


Source: eltelegrafo.com.ec