1,500 Kilos of Cocaine Confiscated in Peru That Was Going to be Shipped to Europe

Peruvian police seized 1,500 kilos of cocaine on Tuesday that were to be placed in a container in the port of Callao to be sent to Europe, a police chief said.

We have seized more than a ton and a half of cocaine that was destined for Europe,” General Director of Police, General Richard Zubiate, told reporters.

The cocaine was discovered in a truck before being placed in a container that was to be loaded onto a ship to Europe, according to police.

Zubiate indicated that seven members of the band “Los Ninjas” were captured in this operation, who opened containers in the port to place drugs on them.

“We thought it was a myth, but this band existed, they are very agile young people dressed in black moved from container to container” to introduce the drug, he explained.

The cocaine came from the largest coca-growing area in Peru, the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro rivers, where remnants of the Shining Path guerrilla operate in alliance with drug traffickers.

Confiscated in Peru 1,500 kilos of cocaine going to be shipped to Europe

Peru is one of the world’s largest producers of cocaine, with about 400 tons a year, according to official data.


Source: El Carabobeno