10% of Mexican drownings Happens Here

The executive secretary of the State Accident Prevention Council, Pedro Múzquiz Peña, revealed that 10% of the two thousand drowning deaths that occur nationwide occur in the bodies of water in the state of Veracruz.

Interviewed a few days before the start of the Easter holiday season, the state official stressed that according to statistics, 200 people have died from drowning in the entity.

“Of the two thousand deaths that there are more or less drowning in the whole country, 200 are in Veracruz, it is 10%, although it is an alarming fact, it is explained because we are a state with an important hydrographic condition, 749 kilometers of coastline, 220 rivers, 12 of rapid response, 35% of all the national water drains by the state “.

Múzquiz Peña said that before the start of the Easter holiday season, 20% of drowning deaths do not correspond to Veracruz, but to people from seven other states such as Puebla, Tamaulipas, Hidalgo, Mexico City, State of Mexico , Oaxaca

He acknowledged that it is regrettable that these deaths are generated by the lack of precaution and attention to security measures.

In this sense he called on Veracruz and visitors who will go to beach destinations, rivers and lagoons to not enter if they have drunk intoxicating drinks, because alcohol is closely linked in drownings by immersion.

“You should not go swimming near the breakwaters where there may be pools and underwater currents that pull people and can not go out, not enter the sea after having eaten, because you have to wait at least two hours, plus the minors use life jackets to get into the water.”

Likewise, he asked people who, in case of an accident, avoid trying to rescue their family members, since mass drowning may occur, so it is necessary to ask for the help of a lifeguard.

Mexican drownings Happens Here

“Do not overestimate their capabilities, it is not the same to swim in a pool than to remove a person who is drowning in the open sea or in a river and especially obey the authorities’ statements on the subject of waves or beach schedules”.

Finally, the secretary of Coepra made a call to the citizenship to try to have a holiday period with white balance and to avoid accidents as much as possible.


Source: Diario el Martinense