1.6 Tons of Drugs Seized Northwest of the Galapagos Islands

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With support from the DEA and Coast Guard of the United States, the authorities of Ecuador prevented 1.6 tons of drugs reach the international markets. Police reported that on October 22 last, in international waters, to the northwest of the Galapagos Islands, one was intercepted fishing vessel carrying the alkaloid.  Carlos Alulema, National Director of Narcotics, said that a fishing vessel named stopped Ledy Mar II, which would set sail from the Ecuadorian coast with destination to Central America.

“The boat was towing 8 smaller boats that were carrying cocaine hydrochloride packages,” he said. The detainees were of Ecuadorian nationality, among them was a minor who was isolated.  “The investigation was conducted with investigative actions around an international structure, dedicated to sending large quantities of drugs through the Pacific corridor to Central America and Mexico,” Alulema stressed.

The Navy of Ecuador informed that, through the Regional Directorate of the Aquatic Spaces and Insular Coastguard, it received, on the part of the United States Coast Guard, 31 detainees (all Ecuadorians), who were placed under the orders of the competent authorities of Puerto Baquerizo. Moreno for the pertinent judicial proceedings.

Patricio Carrillo, director of operations of the Police, highlighted the work with other security entities. “We coordinate and articulate the capacities according to our competences for the fight against transnational crime”.  According to the Navy, the fishing boat Lady Mar has Manta as the port of origin and sailed from there to fishing activities on October 15.

1.6 Tons of Drugs Seized Northwest of the Galapagos Islands

Likewise, at dawn on Thursday, in the port of Guayaquil (Guayas), four people were arrested trying to introduce 100 kilograms of drugs into an Ecuadorian ship, bound for Europe. “The ship was in the quarantine zone, which is the area where the boats are loaded and unloaded, and the detainees were climbing the boat to get the drugs inside,” Alulema explained.


Source: El Telegrafo