ZIM improved Asia-USEC portfolio by adding two new calls

ZIM Shanghai shipThe Israeli container carrier ZIM Integrated Shipping Services added Wilmington (North Carolina) and Charleston (South Carolina) calls at their Asia-USEC portfolio, improving the market presence of the company into the US East Coast. The new calls offer a market-exclusive direct call from South China, South East Asia and India Sub Continent to US East Coast and its both ports, along with excellent service to US inland points. The port of Wilmington will be added to the ZIM Seven Star service (Z7S), starting from May 2017, while the port of Charleston will be included into the upgraded All-water ZIM Container Service Pacific (ZCP), starting from April 2017.

Following the improvement of ZIM Seven Star service, the rotation will be: Da Chan Bay – Yantian – Cai Mep – Port Kelang – Colombo – New York – Norfolk – Wilmington – Savannah – Port Kelang – Da Chan Bay. The first vessel to call Wilmington will be ZIM Shanghai, with ETA Da Chan Bay May 14 and ETA Wilmington June 17.

The service ZIM Container Service Pacific (ZCP), which is company’s premium service connecting China, Korea, US South Atlantic & Gulf and the Caribbean, will be improved to: Qingdao – Ningbo – Shanghai – Pusan – Kingston – Savannah – Charleston – Norfolk – New York – Halifax – Kingston – Qingdao. The first vessel to call Charleston will be Juliette Rickmers 19 with ETA Ningbo April 17 and ETA Charleston May 18.