Wooden cargo ship carrying fertilizers caught fire in North Borneo Island

Wooden ship burning IndonesiaWooden cargo ship, loaded with oil and fertilizer, caught fire at the Port of PLBL Liem Hie Djung in Nunukan, Indonesia, according to the reported of regional media. The vessel was anchored in the waters near Nunukan for unloading some agriculture fertilizers, but was engulfed by fire. The accident was reported to local authorities and nearby fishermen witnessed the accident. The crew on board of the burning wooden cargo ship was evacuated by small rescue boat with assistance of the local residents. The local authorities and Fire Department Nunukan experienced problems with extinguishing the lames because they do not have the necessary special equipment for marine fires.

“The firefighters only use the portable extinguishers they have”, said the Fire Department commander, Bambang Irianto. “We are using two portable extinguishers. Unfortunately we do not have any special equipment for firefighting of burning ship”, added Bambang Irianto.

There is no immediate danger for the people in vicinity, but local authorities requested assistance from the state to provide the necessary equipment and to assist with extinguishing the flames. The ship is still heavily smoking off PLBL Liem Hie Djung, on 200 m from the local fish market.

The investigation for the root cause of the accident is under way. Fortunately there are no reports about injuries and water pollution.