Woman Dead! Search On For 4 More Missing People From An Inverted Boat (photo); Argazinskoye Reservoir

In the water area of ​​the Argazinskoye reservoir (Chelyabinsk region), employees of the state inspection for small vessels found a woman’s body without signs of life. The fate of four more missing from the overturned boat is not yet known, according to the EMERCOM of Russia in the region.

In order to find the remaining passengers of the vessel, the grouping of forces was increased. Four diving teams have started to work from the Search and Rescue Service of the Chelyabinsk Region and the Specialized Fire and Rescue Unit. Unmanned aerial vehicles are involved. Ready to react to airborne groupings of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia and the Ural Rescue Training Center.

The issue of additional involvement of the MI-8 helicopter of the Krasnoyarsk aviation rescue center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia is being solved. The group at the scene is reinforced by police and volunteers. The coastline and water area of ​​the reservoir are surveyed.

On the spot, the head of the Argayash municipal district Israfil Valishin works. Specialists of the psychological service are involved.
Argazinskoye Reservoir
In the General Directorate of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia for the Chelyabinsk region, the emergency headquarters for the liquidation of the consequences of the incident is operating around the clock.

Totally, 118 people, 37 technical equipment and nine swimming means were involved in the liquidation of the consequences of the state of emergency.

Recall, at the Argazin Reservoir on the afternoon of November 1, 2017, 500 meters from the shore from a strong wave, a dyural boat overturned, in which there were five people. Nearby there was another swimming facility. The people in it (two people) went to help. They took on board the citizens from the overturned boats and set off towards the shore. According to preliminary data, when it was about 100 m before it, the overload and the wave and the second boat could not stand it. Two people from the first boat were able to reach the ground by swimming. They were provided with all the necessary assistance.