Water and Sand Weighing Down Casino Ship 

With a respite in rainfall and the wind losing its force, conditions appeared suitable for towing out the “Lucky Seven” on its last lap, but tugging proved difficult with excess water and sand in it, weighing down the vessel from the aft side so it hardly move on Sep 21.

The range of the high tide at 2.12 meters was high and suitable for the operation. The tugs managed to pull away the vessel by just around 10 meters. They were able to swing the vessel towards the channel but didn’t achieve much success as the weather was still rough and also one of the tugs was still having an engine problem and could not pull it to its 100 per cent capacity.

Lucky Seven

On Sep 22, the tide will be slightly lower at 2.07 meters and go down further during the next few days. The salvor, AMS Marine Agency from Egypt, planned to resume the operation around noon. On Sep 18, the salvors had cleared a major hurdle after hauling the vessel to about 300 meters in the sea from its grounded position of 63 days. But just before noon, the high tide ebbed and the reduced water level brought the vessel to rest on a sand bar formation, forcing any further tugging of the vessel.