Nigerian Pirates Attack Container Ship VIDEO

U.K. security brokerage company Asket has highlighted a video of vessel under attack in the Gulf of Guinea. Reportedly, the attempted attack of the Singapore-flagged container ship occurred on December 7, 2017. Eight armed men are shown in the pirate skiff, but the container ship crew manage to thwart their attempt at boarding the vessel.

Nigeria’s Defence Minister Mansur Dan-Ali said this week that an Anti-Piracy Bill has been sent to the National Assembly. When passed, it will be the first in Africa to specifically address the arrest and prosecution of maritime criminals.

Dan-Ali was speaking at a two-day conference of G7++Friends of the Gulf of Guinea in Lagos. He highlighted that: “In recent years, the Gulf of Guinea region experienced increase in the rate of criminality. The criminal activities, which are mostly on Nigerian waters, include kidnapping, piracy/sea robbery, illegal unregulated and unreported fishing, smuggling, human and drug trafficking, illegal bunkering and crude oil theft.”


Source: Maritime-Executive