Wartsila supply exhaust gas purification plant for a new South Korean ferry

Wartsila engineThe Finnish technology group Wartsila was awarded with contract for the supply of an exhaust gas purification plant for a new South Korean ferry. The vessel is under construction at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard for the ferry operator Weidong Ferry. As the press-service of the Finnish company informs, this is the first time the scrubbing system of Wartsila is supplied to the shipbuilder and operator of the fleet operating in South Korea. Wartsila will supply a scrubbing system consisting of two 13 MW type Open Loop V-SOx units, specially optimized for a new vessel, designed to purify sulfur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter in exhaust gases. The delivery of equipment is scheduled for July this year.

The signing of the contract between the shipyard and the Finnish group took place in January 2017, while the Ro-Ro ferry will be operated by Weidong Ferry on routes between South Korea and China.

The Wartsilä system of hybrid scrubbers allows the use of either closed or open technologies to remove sulfur from exhaust gases. When working in open mode, the exhaust gases enter the system and are sprayed with sea water. Sulfur oxides in the exhaust gas react with water to form sulfuric acid. This system does not require chemicals, since the natural alkalinity of seawater neutralizes the acid. When working in a closed circuit, the alkalinity of the sea water is increased with alkali. The hybrid system allows you to select modes depending on requirements, when working in the port, or when maneuvering. When at sea, a ship can go to an open cycle using only seawater for cleaning.

The Finnish technology giant Wartsila is the world leader in the design and manufacture of engines and other systems for the shipping industry, oil, electrical and other industries. In 2016, the net sales of Wartsilä amounted to 4.8 billion EUR. The workforce of the corporation at the end of the year amounted to 18,000 employees. The company operates through almost 200 branches in 70 countries.