“Victor Patsayev” Vessel Will Remain in Kaliningrad as a Museum

The question of the future fate of the research vessel “Cosmonaut Victor Patsaev” is resolved – it will remain in Kaliningrad as a museum. This was reported to journalists by Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Oleg Ryzhkov on Sunday.

“Victor Patsayev” will remain in Kaliningrad, there will be a museum. Now the question is being resolved with the allocation of funds: perhaps there will be some combined financing – private and federal. But the fate of it is fundamentally resolved – it remains in Kaliningrad a museum, the issue of funds has almost been resolved, now we will not run ahead, but the prospect is good, “Ryzhkov noted.

Answering the question about which agency will take the ship on balance, he said: “Federal.” “We will not run ahead, the situation develops well, this [the ship] will remain in federal ownership,” the deputy minister added.

About the ship

The scientific research vessel “Cosmonaut Viktor Patsaev” is the only space communication vessel in the world that has a museum exposition on board. Viktor Patsayev, whose name is carried by the ship, is the USSR pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union. Tragically died when the descent vehicle was depressurized during the landing of Soyuz-11 on June 30, 1971.

At the embankment of the historic fleet of the Museum of the World Ocean, the ship was moored in 2001. As it was reported, in 2015 it became known that Roskosmos is ready to transfer “Patsaeva” to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for the Museum of the World Ocean free of charge. However, the museum, said then in his leadership, at all will not be able to maintain the vessel, since, apart from the cost of repairs, the annual maintenance of the ship costs 16 million rubles.

The government of the TASS region specified that the spacecraft “Cosmonaut Viktor Patsaev” is the property of the “Scientific and Production Association of Measuring Equipment” with which the Museum of the World Ocean has concluded a cooperation agreement. Over the past 16 years, the museum has done everything possible to preserve the ship: documents and items on the history of the marine space fleet have been collected, an exposition has been created on board the ship, over 500 square meters have been repaired. meters of area, etc. In 2016, the ship, which was threatened with the fate of being written off for scrap metal, is included in the Uniform State Register of Objects of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of the Russian Federation.Victor Patsayev

The issue of its preservation has been repeatedly discussed at the sessions of the Maritime Board under the Government of the Russian Federation since July 2010. At present, the government of the region notes, it is necessary to carry out works to preserve the research vessel “Cosmonaut Viktor Patsayev”, such as repairing decks, deck superstructures, life support systems, and performing docking. The approximate cost of these works is estimated at 200 million rubles.


Source: Maritime News of Russia


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