The Vessel Southwest of Hummelvik is Unloading and Arrives at Oxelösund

Update Sunday, October 22 at. 10.29: The ship has now been unloaded for its own machine and is going to Oxelösund which is the closest major port. She is accompanied by the Coast Guard’s environmental protection vessel KBV 031 and KBV 503 flight and is expected to arrive at Oxelösund tonight.

Update Sunday, October 22 at. 09.06: Coast Guard’s environmental protection vessel KBV 031 and surveillance vessel KBV 311 arrive at the haverist. During the day, the Coast Guard will control the ship with the aid of divers and ensure an unloading. Two tugs are on their way to the site. When unloading can take place cannot be said yet.

At the moment, it is apparent that the grounding is due to machine problems. Commander and mate have blown green, which means they were not alcoholically affected by the accident.

On Saturday 21 October at 20.21, the Coast Guard of the Maritime and Aviation Rescue Center (JRCC) was informed that a dry cargo vessel on its way from Norrköping had passed southwest of Hummelvik.

The coast guard’s ribbon KBV 452 from Oxelösund was quickly in place. The environmental protection vessel KBV 031 from Nynäshamn has arrived at the haverist at midnight and the surveillance vessel KBV 311 is expected to arrive in the night with divers who will investigate the hull on Sunday.Esl Africa

No crew damage has been reported and they are still on board. No oil has been exposed in the water during inspection. No water intrusion in the ship has been found.

The situation is currently considered calm. The weather is good and diver checks on Sunday if the hull is completely before any unloading can begin, “says Ulrik Sörehall, the officer in charge of the Coast Guard.

Coastal Guard is the authority responsible for environmental improvement at sea and works to minimize damage to oil or other hazardous substances so that nature can be protected as far as possible. Coastal surveillance is in constant emergency preparedness with specially equipped environmental protection vessels.