USA lost the competition with Russia for the Arctic zone

Arctic ship RussiaUSA lost the competition with Russia for development, absorption and exploration of the Arctic zone, said the US Coast Guard Commander Paul F. Zukunft. If we take into account the icebreakers, which can provide access to the seaways for both merchant and warship, Russia has 40, while the US has only 2 – and only one of them actually has access to the Arctic. Meanwhile, the withdrawal from the Arctic Ocean opens access to rich reserves of natural resources, which can be used by countries like Russia and China that are “greedy” looking at them,. It is believed that 30% of the world’s gas reserves, 13% of oil and minerals worth 1 trillion USD lay in the region.

“Moscow already had put Washington in “chess and mat” in the beginning of the game and currently strongly surpasses the United States in the Arctic”, said the US Coast Guard Commander, Paul F. Zukunft. According to him, Russia says “I was first here, it will take a generation to play with me to catch up with me”. “They made a strategic statement”, added Paul F. Zukunft.

US Coast Guard Commander also voiced concern that if the situation on the Korean Peninsula is out of control, then Russia will face the US.

Located mostly in the Arctic north polar region in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere, the Arctic Ocean is almost completely surrounded by Eurasia and North America. It is partly covered by sea ice throughout the year and almost completely in winter. The ocean’s Arctic shelf comprises a number of continental shelves, including the Canadian Arctic shelf, underlying the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, and the Russian continental shelf, which is sometimes simply called the “Arctic Shelf” because it is greater in extent.