Uruguayan Navy resumed SAR for the missing crew of capsized ore carrier Stellar Daisy

Stellar Daisy ore carrierUruguayan Navy resumed the search and rescue operation for the missing crew members from the very large ore carrier Stellar Daisy, which sank in South Atlantic in the last day of March. The mission was suspended due to storm and deterioration of the weather conditions on April 12, which reflected to waves with 5-6 meters height and 65 km/h winds. The local authorities stopped the search due to danger for the rescuers, but today the operations were resumed. To the search and rescue operation joined also one American and one Brazilian airplanes, which should help covering larger area in the search for missing people and collection evidences for the exact place of sinking of the very large ore carrier.

Meanwhile, two other vessels were withdrawn from the operation – the corvette Guerrico and one of the merchant ships. There were currently five vessels participating in the mission for the searching of the crew.

Hull crack was the root cause of sinking of very large ore carrier Stellar Daisy in South Atlantic on March 31, according to the witness evidence of the two rescued seafarers. Another 22 crew were unaccounted and reported as missing and Uruguayan and Brazilian authorities joined forces in searching of the crew and vessel.

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