Urabain a Total Loss After Four Days Of Fire 

Throughout Sep 9 and 10 the tasks of cooling and debris removal aboard the “Urabain” continued. Smoke was still emanating from the wreck though the fire was under control. There were still areas which could not be accessed. Due to the heat inside the cardboard cargo that was not consumed by the fire, the fire reignited several times, but could quickly be contained by the fire brigade.

combat of flames

Water was pumped out to reduce the list to starboard. Oil barriers were laid out around the ship which was presumed to be a total loss. To avoid the risk of a contamination, the 650 tons fuel in its tank will have to be drained. If the ship is able to be towed to another port, it may be scrapped in Mar del Plata. The last option would be to have it beached, and the scrapping be done on site.