Ukraine Declared in the UN General Assembly on the Creation by Russia of a “Gray Zone” in the Black Sea

Ukraine took advantage of the debate in the UN General Assembly on the law of the sea to claim that Russia allegedly turned the northeastern part of the Black Sea into a “gray zone” of international shipping, the UN press service reported.

During the meeting, at which issues of international cooperation on the world’s oceans were discussed, the representative of Kiev said that the maritime law was subjected to “tremendous tests in Ukraine and the adjacent maritime zones,” Tass reports.

He said that Ukraine in connection with the reunion of the Crimea with Russia can not fulfill its international obligations under the relevant treaties in the maritime zones adjacent to the Crimean peninsula, including securing the navigation, navigating, marine environment and search and rescue operations.

“As a result, the north-eastern part of the Black Sea has literally become a” gray zone “of international shipping, which confirms the number of victims and incidents in the sea,” the Ukrainian representative said.Grey zone in the black sea

Responding to the statements of the Ukrainian diplomat, the senior adviser to the Permanent Mission of Russia to the United Nations, Maxim Musikhin, noted that “the standard set of insinuations and clich├ęs sounded from its (Ukraine) side is purely propagandistic and has nothing to do with reality.”



Source: Maritime News of Russia