Two Injured in Collision on Upper Merwede 

The “Gorinchem X” was in collision with the cement tanker “Cardissa” on the upper Merwede at Werkendam on Sep 26, 2017, at 7.30 a.m. The master of the ferry, sailing between Gorinchem and Sleeuwijk, was injured.

Initially he was uncomfortable, after which he lost control of the ship and slammed into the other ship. There were no passengers on board. The KNRM boat “Tjepke Ekkelboom” attended after the accident. The skipper has been brought ashore at the Damen Shipyard and was treated by ambulance staff.

Veerpont Gorinchem

A second man, probably a crew member of the laster loaded “Cardissa”, has also been brought to the Damen Shipyard area. The bow of the “Gorinchem X” was crushed. The cement tanker suffered less damage. Dense fog may have contributed to the collision.