Two dockworkers died at Taiwan’s CSBC Shipbuilding yard

CSBC Shipbuilding yardTwo dockworkers died from an electric shock while doing arc welding work on a semi-submersible heavy-lift ship at Taiwan’s CSBC Shipbuilding yard. The two men were working in an overflow cabin when the accident occurred. The accident extended into a small fire, which was extinguished by the crew. The firefighters found the bodied of the two dockworkers, who were working for contractor of CSBC. The Kaohsiung City Labor Affairs Bureau has ordered the model of arc welder involved in the accident removed from service and all work on the semi-submersible stopped. None other injuries were reported during the accident and the construction vessel did not suffered damages, but investigation for the root cause is under way. Also CSBC Shipbuilding will be safety inspected during the case.

Kaohsiung City Labor Affairs Bureau also imposed a fine to CSBC Shipbuilding of 60,000 TWD and to contractor of 30,000 TWD for mismanagement.

The local authorities started case for causing death by negligence.

CSBC Corporation is the foremost and largest ship building company in Taiwan, with more than 670 vessels, including commercial, governmental and special ships, constructed to the standards of global mega-shipbuilders.