Two Container Ships Collided in Ho Chi Minh on Nov 2, Both German

The ship which collided with moored German container ship TRF KAYA on Dong Nai river was identified – it’s container ship OM IRIDIUM , also owned by a German company. No news on OM IRIDIUM damages, though there should be some, even if slight. OM IRIDIUM was leaving Ho Chi Minh, but after collision she was taken back to port, and as of 0700 UTC Nov 3, was still in port.Container Collision Ho Chi Minh

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German container ship hit by another ship, damaged, cargo loss
Container ship TRF KAYA moored at buoys in front of Cat Lai Container Terminal Dong Nai river, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, at around 0500 LT Nov 2 was struck by passing container ship, which isn’t yet identified. TRF KAYA sustained portside aft damages, several container were crushed, one 40-foot reefer container with frozen fish fell overboard. Locals said to attempt to loot the goods which fell from crushed containers into river.