Triple Collision In Patras.

9:40 In the official announcement of the incident, the Coast Guard said: “The Port Authority of Patras was informed by the Captain of the P / C-EUROCARGO TRIESTE ” Flag of Malta today that at sea of the New Port of Patras struck slightly on the AEGEAN III N / A.1677 which was infringed on C / C SUPERFAST I NN 11802.

An immediate inspection was carried out on the above ships by the Local Ship Inspection Survey of the Hellenic Railways-EL.ACT where the PVC-EUROCARGO TRIESTE was found on the right side of the front side, small depression, discoloration and scratches and in the case of AEGEAN III a 100×35 cm crag at a height of two meters above the waterline, as well as abrasions and discolouration in the same area.

C / C SUPERFAST I detected discoloration and surface scratches on the left side in the middle of the ship and at a height of 2.5 meters above the waterline, without any damage or deterioration affecting safety ship’s.

The incident did not cause injury or marine pollution. From the Central Port Authority of Patras, which carries out the preliminary investigation, the deportations of “EUROCARGO TRIESTE” and “AEGEAN III” were forbidden until submission of confirmatory airworthiness by the attending classification societies. ”

Triple collision in Patras Greece

21: 47 FIRST UPDAY 7/20/2017

Ship collisions occurred in the afternoon at the new port of Patras. As is informed, Eurocargo Trieste, which would operate a Patras-Italy route, was on a ship’s side in a tanker next to a Superfast, which fueled fuel. At that time, a sudden bourine appeared in the harbor, and the wind blew the ship over to the other, according to information

The ship that fell on the tanker did not run the route and as of this time (21.50) the inspection progresses. From the conflict, according to the Port Authority, no passenger or crew injuries or marine pollution were caused.

First detention was forbidden on all three ships and was followed by a special inspection. Damage seems to be small. At 6pm Superfast sailed as it suffered only a slight discolouration, according to information. As late as Saturday night, tanker repair work was in progress, which seems to have the most significant damage.

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