Trapped on Sandbank for Over 7 Hours. Ferry Harlingerland Gets Stuck in the Mud on the Way from the Island Wangerooge – 42 Passengers Have to Spend Hours in the Mud Flats

Ship had run aground on a sandbank for reasons unknown – attempts to haul the ferry off with tugboat failed – only with the onset of the tide did the captain manage to free himself.

Unintentionally long the passengers of the ferry “Harlingerland” were traveling on the North Sea today. The ship was on its way from the North Sea island of Wangerooge to the mainland, when suddenly, for reasons unknown, it ran aground on a sandbank and got stuck.

The normally 90-minute crossing therefore took almost nine hours today. The almost 50-meter-long ferry had departed at 14:30 clock on the island and accumulated about an hour later on the shallows.

When the crew realized that they did not release the ship on their own, a tug was requested. However, this did not succeed in releasing the ferry. So the 42 passengers and six crew members had to wait on board until the tide began. Only around 11 pm did the captain manage to maneuver his ship from the sandbank again by his own power and safely approach Harlesiel harbor, where he kept his passengers safe at midnight but with plenty of delay.


However, there was no danger to life and limb at any time. Also, the passengers on board were supplied with warm food and drinks, so that the waiting time could be spent reasonably pleasant. In an emergency, DGzRS forces and other ships were ready to evacuate the ferry.

Why the ship, which is on the route daily on the route, ran on the sand, now determined the water police. For the time being, the Berufsgenossenschaft See has stated that the vessel will not be allowed to continue to sail, since first of all the ability to drive has to be examined.


Source: Vessel Tracker