Towing tug Todd Brown sank in Mississippi River near Columbus, USA

Tug sank missisipi riverThe towing tug Todd Brown sank about the 940-mile marker along the Mississippi River near Columbus in Kentucky, USA. The Ingram Barge Company tug started getting water ingress and sinking along the right descending bank of the Lower Mississippi River. The towing tug Todd Brown had 17,500 gallons of diesel fuel, 150 gallons of lube oil, and 150 gallons of hydraulic oil on board, but there are no reports about leaks and water pollution. The accident was reported to local authorities and SWS Environmental Services was at the scene monitoring the situation, but also laid oil boom to mitigate a pollution release and to contain debris or spills.

“We still do not know why an Ingram Barge Company tug boat sank Monday afternoon. The tug boat sank around mile marker 940 along the Mississippi River near Columbus, Kentucky”, said Coast Guard representative.

The aerial assessments 70 miles down river and shoreline assessments 6 miles down river have been conducted and crews observed no signs of pollution. There are no restrictions to commercial or recreational traffic due to the incident.

No one was injured by the sinking tug. The crew left the sinking tug and went into the barge. All of them were accounted and in good health.

The towing tug Todd Brown has overall length of 23.00 m, moulded beam of 9.00 m and maximum draft of 2.50 m.