Towing tug Muflon 8 collided with two vessels at Europe Canal

Towing tug Muflon 8The towing tug Muflon 8 collided with two vessels at Europe Canal in Regensburg, Germany. The tug was in convoy with barge, loaded with 800 tons wood, sailing downstream on the Danube River, but shortly before entering the lock suffered blackout and drifted to the northern quay wall. The crew tried to drop anchors and prevent collision, but they failed to lock at the bottom and vessel hit the pier and slid further, slamming into the two berthed vessels. Fortunately both ships were unmanned at the berth and there were no reported injuries, but the damages were significant. The towing tug Muflon 8 and barge were detained for further investigation and special inspection, before return in service.

There were no injuries and water pollution during the accident. All the vessels remained afloat and will be released to return in service. According to preliminary information, the root cause of collision was technical malfunction and blackout of the towing tug. Among the berthed damaged ships was river inspection vessel Ohe.

The towing tug Muflon 8 has overall length of 22.00 m, moulded beam of 9.00 m and maximum draft of 2.50 m.