The Top 10 Biggest Ships in The World

When people think about ships that are the biggest, they usually have an automatic thought of the Titanic but it has been many years since that ship even set sail. With all the new designs and technologies that are in the world today, that means that they are capable of making ships even bigger than what the titanic was and that ship, it was the largest at the time that it sank. Below are the ten newer ships that have all been valued at being the biggest ships to date.

10. TI Class SupertankerTI Class Supertanker

This amazing shit is all white and has blue writing on it. It weighs anywhere from four hundred and forty thousand and higher. It can go as fast as sixteen to eighteen knots. It is around a thousand and two hundred and forty seven feet long. The beauty is amazing to look at and watch as it ships out to go to sea. Just being able to see it without it moving will have in amazement.

9. Berge EmperorBerge-Emperor-Top-Popular-Biggest-Ships-2017

This is an oil tanker and it was built in nineteen seventy five. Built in Japan and was one of the hugest of all time. The sad thing about this one is that in the year of nineteen eighty six they scrapped it. Yes it is sad and it was owned between two people. It weighed in at two hundred and eleven thousand three hundred and sixty pounds. It was not built and called the Emperor that was the name that it was called when it was sold to Maastow BV. in nineteen eighty five. Only owning it for a year then scrapping it is the worst part but he could have thought it was just too big or it could have been damaged.

8. CMA CGM Alexander von Humboldt


This ship carried containers that was built for CMA CGM and it carried a lot of them at a time. It weighs in at a hundred and eighty seven thousand and six hundred and twenty four tons. Carrying these huge containers made it go slow but at the same time pretty fast. It did what it was suppose. He was the largest until another one was built and made bigger so more containers could be carried. It looked amazing coming down the river.

7. Emma Maersk


In two thousand and six it was the largest container carrier ever built. After she was built they built seven of her sisters. They carry the containers and can carry more because they are very long. It takes the containers with the goods in them to other countries so they can have things other places have. The pretty blue running down the side will catch anyone’s eye that is walking by on the docks. It is huge and has to be drove by someone who knows what they are doing.

6. Maersk McKinney Moller


This one has the most space for cargo than what any other boat made has. So far, this is also the longest ship. The max speed for the item is twenty three knots and the capacity of load that it will carry is around eighteen thousand TEU. The ship is approximately thirteen thousand and nine feet long which is the reason for it being the longest. A place in South Korea is who built the ship and it looks as if they did a terrific job. This is one amongst the Top 10 Biggest Ships in The World 2017.

5. Esso AtlanticEsso-Atlantic-Top-Most-Famous-Biggest-Ships-2019

The name alone is popular. It has been on the sea for thirty five years straight. In two thousand and two it was scrapped and that was the last of it. It just way to old to use and had to go before it caused any danger to anyone on it. It was five hundred and sixteen thousand eight hundred and ninety one pounds. It was one of the best ships in history and would still be going today if it was built good enough to last.

4. Batillus


This ship was huge and had a few different ships they called her sisters. Built in nineteen seventy six and lasting until nineteen eighty five. On December twenty eighth was the last time the ship sailed. It was extended to make it bigger in nineteen eighty one. It was almost weighing in at five hundred and fifty four tons making it one of the biggest built until it was gone. This big ship could be seen miles away.

3. Pierre Guillaumat


Made of a material that looked like gold made it looks so much better than just a ship. It was built in nineteen seventy seven. It only lasted for six years and then was scrapped like all the others. It was just too big for the world to use and got in the way. Because of the draft of it the ship could only enter minimal ports. It weighed five hundred and fifty five tons and if it would not have been so big it would still be here. Very beautiful ship but sad that it did not last even a decade.

2. Seawise Giant


It was the biggest and the longest ship made. Built in nineteen seventy nine and made its final journey December of two thousand and nine. It was sold to an Indian ship breaker. It was damaged when the Iraq war was going on causing damage and sinking it. Later it was salvaged and repaired and it became the Happy Giant. The fact that it was sunk and then repaired makes it a really cool ship.

1. Prelude FLNGPrelude-FLNG

It is the absolute biggest ship built so far and its hull is longer than the height of the Empire State Building. South Korea is where the ship first made a debut and is considered the biggest floating facility to have ever been built. This ship weighs a lot more than six hundred thousand tons when it is being used. That makes its about 5 times the heaviness of an aircraft carrier that is the biggest.

So, these above are the Top 10 Biggest Ships in The World 2017. These ships all have plenty of space and will be very heavy when hauling a load. It will shock most people to see that the titanic is not on this list but considering how many years has passed that just means there have been plenty of others to take over the spot of biggest ships.

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