Throughput of port of Ventspils in Latvia increased by 14.4% yoy in January-February 2017

port of VentspilsThe throughput of port of Ventspils in Latvia increased by 14.4% yoy in period January-February 2017, amounting to 4.5 million tons. During the reporting period, the cargo turnover of Baltic Coal Terminal increased by 311,000 tons to 749,000 tons, while turnover of Ventbunker terminal rose to 668,000 ton (+223,000 tons), the throughput of Ventall Terminals amounted to 312,000 tons (+108,000 tons) and significant growth was reported also to terminal Noord Natie to 438,000 tons (+98,000 tons). The new terminals in port of Ventspils – Eurohome Latvija and Overseas Estates, which started operations in 2016, handled respectively 145,000 and 12,000 tons.

Meanwhile the cargo turnover of Ventspils Nafta terminals decreased by 305,000 tons to 1.49 million tons, while the throughput of Ventplac decreased by 5,000 tons to 74,000 tons. Also decrease was reported to Klija parks to 23,000 tons (-12,000 tons) and Ventamonjaks to 57,000 tons (-4,000 tons). The transshipment of goods by the terminal Ventspils Grain Terminal in January-February 2017 amounted to 4,000 tons.

Port of Ventspils is located on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, equipped with terminals for loading and unloading oil, oil products, liquid chemicals, fertilizers, metal, coal, containers and trailers ro-ro. The port’s cargo turnover in 2016 was 18.8 million tons.

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