Tense Moments in Storni Wharf by Fire of the Ship “Urabain” (video)

The crew, about sixty sailors, managed to escape leaving one trapped alone suffering moments of intense danger and panic. Officials from the Naval Prefecture had to cut roof decks with oxyfuel to evacuate the sailor who breathed through a porthole while being relieved with hoses to fill his cabin of water and thus avoid being burned.

Volunteer Firefighters, an ambulance of the SEP, an ambulance of the Hospital of High Complexity, a cistern of the company Aluar, vehicles of Civil Defense and of Transit, all went to help and to collaborate with the operation, that was dedicated to try to suffocate the fire, auxiliary to the sailors who suffered suffocation principle, and above all to rescue the trapped sailor, which according to transcended was a man surnamed Godoy. And his rescuer, Maxi Ramirez.

Although it was not possible to know the origin of the fire, it was learned that the ship was loaded with cardboard and nylon because it was about to leave, which caused the fire to spread so rapidly throughout the ship’s facilities. Also, according to transcendidos, it is speculated that the ship can continue igniting by two days more, not excluding the possibility of a possible explosion since the tanks are full of fuel.The sailors were from different parts of the country, from Spain, and also from our city.


A stevedore of last name Segundo related the desperation that was lived in moments that the trapped sailor asked for help to leave “until a boy of naval repairs, that owes the life to him, that brought a blowtorch, made a hole in the boat and saved him. I was desperately shouting at the boat’s porthole. The man who saved him was very effective, very professional, in half an hour made a gap of thirty centimeters to get the boy who was taken by ambulance; had a barbaric nerves, did not burn but had a desperation, a panic “and when asked if he saw injured people reported that” not because generally when they are about to leave are all in the kitchen; It would have been another story if they were already in the cabins so they left very quickly. The ship was full of cardboard and fuel; three fuel tanks. We saw when smoke began to emerge from the cellars and we saw the people how they started to climb, climb as far as they could, they came out half drowned by the smoke, some of them vomited. We were getting the boat ready to go right but we could not see much inside the smoke. “

Another stevedore named Hernandez also reported the desperation they experienced seeing the sailor asking for help, through the porthole. “I do not remember another sinister like this, I have been 20 years and my companions also and for us it is the first time that we saw something like this. The ship has three fuel tanks that say it is impossible for the people of the ship to explode, but we do not know; that’s what specialized people have to say. “


The ship’s technical adviser, Antonio Couso, mentioned that “the ship’s navigability was affected; with the amount of fire and smoke that comes out is safe; when fire and smoke came out through the plant and everything that was the bridge, the bow part, cabins, the boat is going to be immobilized for sure; if there was not so much cardboard and plastic inside would not have happened, everything is very flammable;It was all in seconds, there was no time to anything; it was all in seconds; a lot do not know I know it was caused by the cellar and is suspicious of the cardboard; we were already sailing in the afternoon. “
It is worth mentioning that the Urabain is a trawler of 79 meters, with a length of 12 mango and 6.10 draft and supports ten tonnes of hake, owned by the Argentine subsidiary of Iberconsa that was willing to leave when the incident occurred. As for the fate of the crew who are not from the city, it was learned that the company would seek to accommodate them in different hotels in the city.