Syrian Government Army Fighting So-Called Terrorist Organization Via Black Sea

The large landing ship (BDK) of the Black Sea Fleet Azov, returning from the campaign to Syria, entered the Black Sea on Thursday. This was reported by local information portals, which publish photographs of his passage through the Bosporus.

As reported, in September, in addition to the “Azov” through the Black Sea straits in the Mediterranean were also BDK “Yamal” and “Caesar Kunikov.”

According to the Istanbul websites, the ships went to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the logistics base of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea is located.

Black Sea Fleet Azov

September 25, after passing the Strait of Gibraltar, the BDK of the Northern Fleet “Alexander Obrakovsky” also entered the Mediterranean.

According to foreign media reports, the BDK and vessels of the Russian Navy’s auxiliary fleet are participating in an operation called the Syrian Express for delivering ammunition to the Russian air group at the Khmeimim air base near Latakia and the Syrian government army fighting Islamists, including the so-called Islamic state “(a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation).