Strike In Catalonia: 90% of People Support the Idea of ​​Secession From Spain

On the territory of the autonomous region of Catalonia, a general strike has been declared: the strikers, stricken by the decision of the leadership of local trade unions, have blocked key routes, and therefore the movement of public transport has been almost completely discontinued.

Within the framework of this action, the seaport of Barcelona has also been closed, but the international airport El Prat and taxi continue to function, the website of the Air Force news service writes on Tuesday, October 3.

Thus, the residents of the region express their indignation at the actions of the police, which rudely intervened last Sunday in the course of the referendum on independence.

Strike in Catalonia

Recall that during the suppression of unrest on the day of the referendum affected about 900 people, including 33 policemen.

Official results of the referendum have not yet been announced, however, according to the Government of Catalonia, during the event, 2.2 million people voted, 90% of whom supported the idea of ​​secession from Spain.