This Statoil’s First Cat J Rig Scared Many People Thinking It Was A UFO.

Norwegian oil company Statoil has released a video of its new Cat J jack-up drilling rig at the Samsung yard in South Korea before it headed to Norway.

According to Statoil’s Thursday update on social media channels, the Askeladden rig, which is the first of two Cat J rigs, is now finished and on its way home to Norway.

“We look forward to see it generate value on the Gullfaks field in the autumn,” Statoil briefly added.

The second Cat J rig, named Askepott, is also being built at Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in South Korea.

The Norwegian base for supply activities to the petroleum fields, Coast Center Base (CCB), will be responsible for the reception of the two newbuild rigs upon their arrival to Norway and preparation ahead of departure to fields.

These two Cat-J rigs will be used for drilling and completing wells on the Oseberg and Gullfaks fields, both located in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, and operated by Statoil.

The introductory Askeladden drilling program focuses on proven reserves and gas blowdown wells on one of the Gullfaks satellite fields. Askepott will primarily drill through the unmanned wellhead platform at Vestflanken 2, which is part of Oseberg.

The rigs will be able to operate in water depths of 70-150 meters and drill wells up to 10,000 meters. They were tailor-made for operations in harsher environments and for wells in shallow waters of the Norwegian continental shelf.

Baker Hughes and Schlumberger will be in charge of integrated drilling and well services on the two newbuild rigs, according to contracts announced in early 2017.