The State Duma Commented On Kiev’s Plans To Defeat The Black Sea Fleet

State Duma deputy from Sevastopol Dmitry Belik appreciated Ukraine’s plans to defeat the Black Sea Fleet with the help of the “wolf pack” tactics. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

Belik noted that in Ukraine a so-called mosquito fleet is created, whose tasks include committing acts of sabotage against Russian oil rigs and ships under the flag of Russia in the Crimea. According to him, such plans of Kiev are doomed to failure.

“The result of the battle will be predictable, because in 10-15 minutes there will arrive a Su-30 aircraft, which from several dozen kilometers falls even in the smallest boat,” the deputy concluded.Wolf Pack Black Sea Fleet

Earlier, Ukrainian media reported Kiev’s plans to adopt the tactics of the “wolf pack” and overcome the Black Sea Fleet with it. The essence of tactics is the simultaneous attack of several light armored tanks of one enemy, who does not manage to keep many targets and shoot them.